Monthly Archives: February 2014

Shavasana in the workplace!

Today was my first day teaching yoga in a corporate workplace.

We used the space between the elevators and the front door, in the office entrance hallway.

Everybody was so receptive. When I said, ” open your heart” , they opened, and “sigh audibly” they sighed. They twisted and turned and tried each pose, going slowly, taking some breaks and challenging themselves. They even laughed out loud!!!

It’s my favorite thing to be a student, and I have learned all I know from my teachers. Now, it’s my greatest joy and pleasure to take my teachings and apply them to my own students.I taught yoga to adults, ( I’m usually teaching little kids and teenagers) in a corporate office, and it was enlightening and moving. They all made space for each other, worked well together, stretched and strengthened, and best of all… They smiled.

Please contact me for your own yoga session.

I would love to be your teacher.