Another great focus of the month is balance!!! Balance is tricky, balance is tender, balance takes breath and patience and practice. It is very easy for us as adults to be thrown off balance, metaphorically or literally. Today in the city, I was already thrown off balance numerous times; a student who was sick cancelled a class, my favorite yoga teacher was sick and I had a sub, my friend is sick and rescheduled our dinner date, a man brushed by me and knocked me into the side of a building, and my husband is coming home way later than expected from an already too long business trip. I could sit and cry, which I honestly did for a little while, or I could  muster up some strength and go gracefully forward, despite it all. Here comes balance, for wellness’s sake. There were many positive aspects of the day; I practiced yoga with an amazing sub, I drank a delicious almond chai, I am breathing, I cleaned the entire apartment, I heard from many great friends who had some really great news!!! Balance, is a very hard practice. Happiness, sometimes just takes a thought, whereas balance takes full body concentration and awareness and a lifetime of hard work. Balance is a wonderful focus and it begins with the breath. Balance is where the concept, “Get grounded to fly”, comes from. You can’t just be grounded, you have to let loose. You can’t just be sad, you have to find joy. These ideas, can be put into practice. So ask yourself, your kids, and your students these questions:


Question 1: What is your definition of balance?


My Answer:  Balance is feeling grounded, while something is out of place. Balance is dealing with a mess or a missing piece by a replacement of something else; breath or joy or passion. Balance is health, wellness, and strength. Balance is mental and physical alignment.


Question 2: What makes you feel balanced?


My answer: Massages, My husband, Yoga, teaching children


Poses for a great balancing yoga practice: Side Crow, Warrior 3, Tripod Head-Stand


Songs for a balanced singing lesson:  “Hallelujah”, ” Say Something”, ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow”


Now find a person who embodies balance. Ask them these questions, do some yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about balance and have fun while doing so! A great game for balance is the yoga mat game…Divide the mat into two emotions or states of being happy/sad, angry/ overjoyed, mystified/ all-knowing, etc. Jump around from side to side and ask yourself or those who are playing with you, why do I feel this way???


Post your definition of balance and your answers below xoxoxo Margo


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