Another focus this month is Grace.  Grace is defined as “simple elegance or refinement of movement” in it’s noun form, or ” do honor or credit to by one’s presence”.


Grace is something that comes very naturally to some people, they seem to float through the world elegantly, or to handle stress with an amazing amount of calm and discipline. That is exactly what grace is, discipline. My natural state is a bit clumsy and it takes a lot of concentration to stay graceful, but like balance, it takes breath and discipline. The good news is, we can practice grace. Grace as a verb proves that theory. We can bring our best selves everywhere and be a graceful part of work, relationships, and our surroundings. We want to leave, having made things that much better for those around us.


Each component of the yoga practice can be sectioned out and focused on. Try this with grace. When someone cuts in front of you at the coffee shop, will you call out “Hey you cut me!!!!!” ? Or will you gracefully allow them to get ahead? That’s your choice. If you are in a balance pose will you let yourself fall out because you don’t want to concentrate, or will you gracefully breathe and hold on for one more breath?

The Practice of Grace-

Question 1: What is your definition of grace?

My Answer: Grace is breathing and going with the flow. Grace is not getting in your own way.


Question 2: What makes you feel graceful?

My Answer: Dancer’s pose, assisting yoga poses, writing.


Poses for a Graceful Yoga Practice:

Dancer’s Pose, Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, King PIgeon


Songs for a Graceful Singing Practice:

Somewhere over the Rainbow, Hallelujah, Say Something, Same Love, New Soul


Now find a person who embodies grace. Ask them these questions, do some graceful yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about grace and have fun while doing so!

Post your definition of GRACE and answers to the above questions below xoxoxo Margo


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