Another great focus of the month is CONCENTRATION!!! What? Did you say concentration? I was texting, facebooking, skyping, planning my plans for the next week, moving, organizing the apartment, and writing out this weeks curriculum for my students…while music is playing and I’m dancing all over the apartment, and I’m neglecting instagram, twitter, tumblr, and linkedin…Seriously. Concentration is a tricky task, especially in this highly concentrated and noisy city and high tech society! How can you concentrate? We have to set aside specific quiet time for ourselves, in order to hear our deeper voice, the one that tells us what is most important, the one that doesn’t just react, but processes information and then moves with intention. Concentration, like balance, takes breath and patience. Think of one thing to concentrate on today… maybe it’s inner peace, maybe it’s more concrete, like spotting the color red throughout the day, or being non reactive, or feeling powerful or peaceful. You choose what you want to concentrate on, and when you lose your way, go back to your intention. Eventually this will be an integral part of your being.These ideas, can be put into practice. So ask yourself, your kids, and your students these questions:


Question 1: What is your definition of concentration?


My Answer:  Concentration is sharpening the focus of the task at hand and letting everything else in the periphery go blurry for awhile.


Question 2: What makes you feel concentrated?


My answer: Yoga, teaching, reading, writing, the word love


Poses for a great concentrated yoga practice: Ardachandrasana ( half moon), Tree Pose (with eyes closed), Alternate Nostril Breathing


Songs for a concentrated singing lesson:  Any song really, as long as your mind is focused on the song, songs of empowerment are great; Etta James- ” Trust in Me”, “Stormy Weather”, “At Last”!


Now find a person who embodies focus and concentration. Ask them these questions, do some yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about concentration and have fun while doing so! A great game for concentration is the mirror game. Find a partner, seated across from them, slowly begin to move in tandem allowing the movements to be synchronized. Switch partners, notice how it feels to be the leader and the follower, notice what it’s like to concentrate on someone else and be moving in unison.

Post your definition of concentration and your answers below xoxoxo Margo


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