Another great focus of the month is  MAGIC.  Magic is more than just a party trick, a rabbit in a hat, a quarter coming out of your ear. Though these ideas of magic are quite breathtaking and complex for the mind to grasp, the real magic for me comes in life’s most unexpected moments. In the  labyrinth of life, not knowing how amazing things happen, is magic. Magic happens when you plant a deep wish and it comes true! Magic often happens on the yoga mat, when the mind goes deep into the pose and you can fly higher than you ever imagined. Magic happens on the stages all over New York, when those big notes hit the theater and resonate miles away. Magic happens when you believe in something bigger than yourself! Let us tap into our magic, whether it’s on the mat, on the stage, when we write a story, or just when we play.


Recently, my six-year-old niece was in town for a visit. She is purely magical. The way children create stories every day that are layered enough and detailed enough to be huge fairy-tales, is unbelievable! In just a matter of minutes of playtime, my niece created a story called “My Small Dad”.  The dad did not want to be taken care of by his much larger daughter, and he had to go through multiple operations, he became an angry bird, an orange ball with a smiley face who was really quite horrible, he was a car, he lost consciousness during a surgery, and then was resurrected and became my niece, playing the dad! Eventually the dad realized life was best being small, but because his daughter did not love him that way, he was unable to go back to his true form. He would have to stay big forever. We saw the Lego movie the day before, and honestly, her script was better!

Magic is listening to the people we love and hearing their stories. Make magic, listen to your loved ones, and take note of the mystery of imagination and synchronicity of life’s gifts. If this sounds like a large undertaking, think of one small thing that makes you believe in magic. Is it your niece? Your child? Theater? Music? These ideas, can be put into practice.


Question 1: What is your definition of magic?


My Answer: Magic is life’s mysteries unfolding.



Question 2: What makes you feel magical?


My answer: Spending time with my nieces, my students, singing, my yoga practice, the movies, a Broadway show!


Poses for a magical yoga practice: Warrior 3, Downward Dog, Savasana, Pigeon


Songs for a magical singing lesson:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Hallelujah, Happy, All of Me, LET IT GO!


Now find a person who embodies a life of  magic! Ask them these questions, do some yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about life’s magical mysteries, and have fun while doing so! Make up a story together, do a yoga practice that is in synch with the story, stand like tall mountains, build trees on your mountain, have wind come and knock down the trees, meet animals along the way. Get down and play with your children! Magic, just might be massive amounts of joy!

Post your definition of magic and your answers below xoxoxo Margo


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