Another great focus of the month is  CREATIVITY. Creativity is defined as , “The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” Creativity can turn words on a page into magic, it can turn music into a whole new world, it can turn the yoga mat into a place of exploration and wonder. If you don’t use your imagination, things become quite dull and sometimes scary, it is possible to practice making things more interesting. Use your time on the yoga mat to tell a story.

When I am teaching my youngest students, we become an array of animals, we visit forests and beaches and explore a range of emotions, all within less than an hour of class. We attempt to explore all of life’s many complexities and address balance, focus, magic, joy, and more. We use our creativity, and when one person decides it’s time to stagnate the creativity and say, “this is fake”, it takes the magic away. So believe in your creativity and get interested in your artistic expression. Creativity can be practiced! Teach your children, students, and yourself how to take an ordinary situation and make it extraordinary! Maybe it’s just making up a story together and then acting out the story with your bodies and voices! Paint a picture, sing a song, and dance!




Question 1: What is your definition of creativity?


My Answer: Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.



Question 2: What makes you feel creative?


My answer: Writing Plays, Performing Monologues, Teaching Yoga and Voice and Acting


Poses for a creative yoga practice:  Warrior 1, 2, 3 for strength, Savasana for deep relaxation and meditation, Forward Folding for Introspection


Songs for a creative singing lesson:  Alex Winston’s Songs, Miss Li’s Songs, Try a song in a different language to get really creative, ZAZ.


Now find a person who embodies a life of  creativity… Ask them these questions, do some yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about life’s and all it’s creativity, and have fun while doing so! Make up a story together, do a yoga practice that is in synch with the story, stand like tall mountains, build trees on your mountain, have wind come and knock down the trees, meet animals along the way. Get down and play with your children! Be creative.

Post your definition of creativity and your answers below xoxoxo Margo


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