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Another great focus of the month is FREEDOM. Freedom has many forms and many definitions. Freedom can be scary…when we are given the opportunity to make many choices, we can grow overwhelmed! In the yoga practice, we use the forms to find the freedom. While being all bound up, or balancing, we are made to breathe and ease into the pose. This can help us in our life choices. When do you feel completely constricted? Notice it, and then make the choice to let go, even just a little bit. We cannot control everything. The more rules and rituals we set up for ourselves, the more we will be disappointed. Within our boundaries, we must wiggle some extra space. Freedom, to me, is having space to play and create. I find the practice of yoga and singing and acting, the best place to play with freedom, for all art and light is squashed when you try to control it to pieces. So let go, find space, feel the boundaries, and then push past them a little bit. These ideas, can be put into practice. So ask yourself, your kids, and your students these questions:


Question 1: What is your definition of freedom?


My Answer:  Freedom is pushing away the boundaries, in order to find more space.


Question 2: What makes you feel free?


My answer: Large open spaces, the ocean, being with my husband


Poses for fun and free yoga practice: Flip Dog, Wheel, Camel, Warrior 3 ( Poses to open the heart and fly)


Songs for a fun and free singing lesson:  Brave, Roar, Wrecking Ball ( Any song where you can let loose and belt it out)


Now find a person who embodies a life of freedom! Ask them these questions, do some yoga poses with them, and sing some songs! Teach your children and students about freedom and it’s many forms, and have fun while doing so! Turn on some music and move around the room the way that you feel free, now add some yoga poses, and try to feel the dance from inside…


Post your definition of freedom and your answers below xoxoxo Margo